High speed Trabber & Stringer with capacity of 2600 cells/hour.

2600 cells/hour

Up to 15BB

Single track

Suitable for

Patented Continuous Stringing process


  • Accurate cell connections with electrically conductive
    adhesive (ECA).
  • Ready for easy upgrade from ECA to soldering stringer
    is possible.


  • Vision check of cell position and quality to increase the machine
    uptime and reduce the quality errors and it´s consequences
  • Monitorized stencil printing mask with auto correction system
  • Easy retrofitting to soldering stringer
  • Easy integration with the MES system
  • Minimized factory footprint
  • Timing control for auto-diagnosis
  • Modular design with several options
  • Patented Continuous Stringing process

Main Features

  • Curing: Heating plates from below and optional IR heating
    from above
  • Anti-camber systems to improve the tab´s straightness
  • Flexibility to be able to process different cell models and
    dimensions with a minimal change-over time
  • One stencil printing per cell side (easy access, independent
    alignment adjustment)
  • Cell vision check position and quality. Automatic stop if any
    break detected, assistance for alignments
  • Cell temperature control with several steps
  • Stencil printing system for ECA stringing or shingling technology.
  • Dynamic wire holding system to ensure positioning accuracy.

Module technologies

  • Cell size up to M12
  • Up to 15MBB
  • Flat ribbon or round wire
  • Suitable for cut cells
  • Specially designed for HJT cell technology
  • Suitable for BIPV modules
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