Switzerland plans winter bonus for PV systems with a tilt angle of at least 75 degrees

17 June, 2022

The Federal Council in Bern started the new incentive mechanism that should come into force at the beginning of 2023 and apply until the end of 2030 to reform of the incentive scheme for renewable energy

According to these new provisions, homeowners and businesses may be entitled to receive rebates covering up to 60% of the initial investment for buying and installing a rooftop PV system.

For arrays exceeding 150kW, there will still be fixed feed-in tariffs which will be assigned through a tender scheme in a pay-as-bid process.

Furthermore, the Swiss government is considering introducing an additional incentive for PV systems with a tilt angle of at least 75 degrees. These systems, according to the Federal Office, produce a relatively large amount of electricity in the winter months and thus make a significant contribution to the country’s security of supply. A bonus of CHF100 per kilowatt installed should be provided.


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