Mondragon Assembly, making the optimisation and efficiency of HJT cell technology a reality

13 December, 2021

The European equipment manufacturer already includes in its portfolio the solutions for the interconnection of HJT cells being its groundbreaking Tabber&Stringer ECA industrial machine already a market reality.

A month ago we heard about the news on the continuation of the collaboration agreement between MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY and CEA at INES, with the former aiming to strengthen its position for the newest technologies in the field of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, with a particular focus on heterojunction. This collaboration aims to offer clients latest generation production equipment and assembly lines. Recent studies point towards the efficiency of this type of cells exceeding that of the sector’s well-known PERx cell modules.

Therefore, the present challenge for the solar sector, in which Mondragon Assembly is currently immersed, strives to develop solutions that provide increased performance in terms of conversion efficiency, a reduction in losses, increased performance and economic competitiveness.  In short, providing solutions that allow to find a balance between efficiency and cost for its clients.


Equipment for HJT solutions, a reality for Mondragon Assembly

Thanks to the collaboration that Mondragon Assembly has established with CEA at INES, the manufacturer of high-tech equipment already has its high-precision Tabber&Stringer machine with Electrically Conductive Adhesive (ECA) technology for the HJT high-efficiency cell technology and is capable of producing up to 2,600 HJT cells per hour.

For this new development which comes with independent printing of both sides of the cells, flexibility is a key factor of this machine, since it can produce strings of up to 15BB with cell sizes of up to M12 (210mm), in addition also it is able to handle cells as thin as 110 µm. It is also compatible with Gapless and Paving technologies.

Thanks to the multiple vision controls it has been fitted with, this new machine guarantees the precision and quality of the manufactured strings, which allows to increase the efficiency of the machine and obtain better manufacturing results in less time.

However, the developments and commitment made by Mondragon Assembly go a step further and the company is currently developing a welding solution for HJT. It is a known fact that this type of cells cannot endure very high temperatures, hence tests and new developments are underway to also enable the equipment manufacturer to offer this type of solutions in future.

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