Mondragon Assembly’s 100MW PV line is at full production at Milltech in Algeria

13 April, 2021

The photovoltaic module assembly line has a yearly capacity of 100MW, soon to be increased to 200MW, and it has the capacity to produce the latest technology modules.

Prof. Noureddine Yassa, Chief Executive of the “Commissariat des Énergies Renouvelables” of the Prime Minister’s Office in Algeria has inaugurated the Milltech photovoltaic module assembly factory, in Constantine, Algeria, on the 8th of March 2021. The production line has been supplied by Mondragon Assembly and commissioned in February 2021.

Prof. Noureddine Yassa was impressed by the high quality and highly automated factory where Mono Perc modules with 22.5% conversion efficiency were instantly manufactured under his eyes by fully trained Algerian engineers. Knowing that Prof. Yassa is originated from the German Solar Industry, Milltech CEO Mr. Hammoud said “we are honoured to receive such comments and we are encouraged to build further momentum”.

A new step for Mondragon Assembly in the MENA region

Since it began developing projects in the MENA region, Mondragon Assembly is consolidating its position as a technological partner for its clients, as it not only offers solar module manufacturing lines but also provides support throughout the entire life of the project, where it ensures the technological evolution and maximum quality of the PV modules it manufactures.

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